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Philippine Nurses Association of Gulf Coast Florida manned First Aid Booth at the PhilFest in Tampa, Florida 2023

By: Cecile M. Santos- Medenilla President, PNAGF 2022-2024

It’s that time of the year once again that PNAGF nurses participated in the biggest Philippine Festival in the East Coast this year 2023. We had 15 nurses volunteer to man the first aid booth during the 3 day event. So the first day Friday, March 31, 2023 at 5:00 PM till 11:00 PM. We set up the first aid booth by putting up the First Aid sign and our PNAGF banner and tarps to protect us from heat and rain.


here were 3 nurses on duty initially and one arrived later on. Our first patient was a 57 year old female, complaining of dizziness and lightheadedness. She did not eat the whole day before she came to the festival. She was eating a Filipino dessert called “halo halo” when she arrived. Pt stated she had a Stroke last February this year. We monitored her vital signs until they were stable. She claimed that she felt better and wanted to leave. So she was discharged with her cousins who were ICU nurses from the VA Hospital. Half an hour later, her cousin came back asking for a wheelchair. Apparently, our patient earlier was complaining of dizziness and a near syncopal episode. This time pt was non-verbal and her eyes were glassy and she started to drool. Blood pressure was 75/55, heart rate of 111. Placed in Trendelenberg position while sitting in the wheelchair. Vital signs continuously monitored by 2 nurses. Dr. Alvior from the Philippine Medical Society came to help us. Meanwhile, I called the Emergency Medical Service and requested an ambulance. EMS came after 8 minutes. Report was given to the paramedics. Pt blood pressure was 129/77 HR= 119, blood sugar= 144 when they left. Pt was transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa. Our second patient was a 74 year old female complaining of dizziness, lower abdominal pain and low blood pressure. This time we were able to get a lounge chair that we can use to monitor our patient. Our nurses monitored her vital signs while I called an ambulance once again. They arrived in a timely manner and took over the patient's care. Patient was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital families were given instructions by EMS.


Second day, April 1st, 2023 was a busy day in the first aid booth with 17 patients all day. Most of the patients complained of heat exhaustion, high blood pressure, headache and near syncope. Many asked for band aids for their minor cut. Another patient was involved in an altercation at the gate with one of the security officers. We cleaned and dressed his bilateral elbow lacerations. Our nurses overlapped so we had about 6 volunteer nurses at one time. Third day, April 2nd, 2023, Sunday was a break for our volunteers. We only have pts asking for band aids, sunscreen, and BP checks. It gave us a chance to join the street carnival parade or so- called “Yugyugan.” We were dressed in white with bunny rabbit’s head band since Easter Sunday is coming. We held the PNAGF banner and chanted PNA Gulf Coast while walking. Though we were under the sun, we had so much fun parading with other local and out of state organizations. It was indeed an eventful 3 days for PNAGF members and volunteers. Some of us have done this before but for the most, it was they’re first time experiencing it, and they said, they’ll do it again. We would like to thank all our officers and members for participating in the PhilFest events, especially the first aid booth, a community outreach initiative of PNAGF.

PNA Gulf Coast Florida celebrates 24th Anniversary

By Cecile M. Santos-Medenilla

President 2022-2024


It is with great pride that PNA Gulf Coast Florida reached its 24th year in March of 2023! We commemorated our 24th year with a get-together with our members in a picnic at  A. L. Anderson Park, Shelter 4 in Tarpon Springs, Florida. 

PNAGF was founded on March 27, 1999. It became the   23rd chapter of PNA of America. Our first induction was held August 19, 2000 at Heritage Pines Clubhouse with Merly Santos- Llanto as the founding President and our current Executive Director. 

We started with a Welcome Remarks by yours truly, followed by an Invocation by Teresita Rivera, our President-elect.


We invited a guest speaker, Dr. Thuy Boardman, a clinical psychologist. Her topic was “Leading with Authenticity and Agility,” and Team building activities. Everyone enjoyed her lecture and we had so much fun with the Team Building activity. Dr. Boardman expressed her desire to be able to help our members in their leadership role in their workplace and the community.

The members were asked to bring gifts for raffles and we also gave door prices. There were lots of sumptuous foods brought by our Executive Board and our members to share.

It was also a Membership Drive Day. We were able to recruit 3 new members and 2 renewed their membership.


Overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon to celebrate PNAGF’S 24th Anniversary! We would like to thank our Executive Board and Members for their support, commitment, and dedication to our organization. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

aruga 2.jpg

Camp Aruga  Tour  ….. January 16, 2023

Camp Aruga  …… January 16, 2023  :  PNAGF chapter attendees:

Back row from Left to right: Manny Medenilla , Edwin Latras, Napoleon Duey, Nicolas Rivera.

 Front row from left to right: Lisa Latras, Orpha Ale Mineque, Cecile Medenilla & Teresita Rivera.

Camp Aruga  … January 16, 2023  ….. Delegates

Camp Aruga ……   PNAA Leaders and chapters delegates …  January 16, 2023  

The Philippine Nurses Association of America SCR Camp Aruga Leadership Retreat January 16-18, 2023, ……  We Care ….  Camp Aruga  

By Teresita Gallano Rivera, PNAGF President Elect 2022-2024


On December 02, 2022.  Camp Aruga was announced, during the inspirational speeches by Dr. Beriones and Manny Ramos at the PNAGF Induction Gala night. Some of us were interested, decided to attend, and see what it was all about.

The preparation and coordination via email was efficient and Rosie Antiquino was up to date to relay the messages and answer all the questions regarding reservation, facilities and allowing spouses to go and participate.   

Camp Aruga is a Leadership Boot Camp ….. with theme / emphasis to nurture self and environment.

PNAGF chapter attendees: Betty Miranda, Cecile & Manny Medenilla, Teresita & Nicolas.Rivera, Orpha Mineque & Napoleon Duey, and Edwin & Lisa Latras.

Day1. The event started meeting with delegates from three (3) Chapters from Texas, one (1) from Tennessee, five (5) from Florida representing Miami, Tampa, Gulf Coast, Jacksonville and Orlando (Host). We had a tour of the park  on  an opened wagon pulled by a pickup truck  with Dr. Beriones, Atty. Hermosa and Dr. Saria.  It was a great opportunity to explore nature and mingle with other delegates.

The tip of the Florida cold evening temperatures (30’s feels like in the 20’s) started with the Hawaiian style motif with fun activities for each chapter’s introduction.  For most of us, we were not prepared to make an impromptu fun presentation.  The results were no surprises. It was a wow factor to witness each, and every delegate proven uniqueness and creativity in presenting their respective chapter.  It was full of fun and laughter.  Superb comradeship experience.

To add to the end of the first night conference was the Bonfire (unique), Dr. Bariones, lead the sub-chapters delegates to speak and share their own perspective experiences of past and present leaders.  Sharing thoughts of dedications, aspiration, success, failures, shortcomings, that caused everyone to be involved and engaged in the mission and vision of each chapter.  There were Inspiring stories of leadership. 

The only challenging part was sleeping in the cabins with malfunction heaters and only screened windows with outside temperature in the upper 30’s.  Oh! Exposure to live with nature in Florida before A/C & heater ….. Freezing temperature …. Brrrrrrrrr….  it was an adventure.   However, Manny Ramos provided a hospitable service, bringing extra blankets/comforters to us.

Day 2:  The effective presentation and professionalism of the speakers/ presenters were great.  The topics discussed are valuable tools to pass forward the plans, to support our organization and the Future of Nursing 2020-2030.

  1.  Dr. Leticia Hermosa, Esq.:  501 (c)3 and 501(c)6 … (The difference between the two and IRS regulation)

  2. Dr. Marlon Saria:  Equity, Diversity & Inclusion 

  3. Manny Ramos:  Board Competencies for Effective Governance

  4. Dr. Liwliwa Villagomeza:   Knowing Thyself:  The impact of Personality Types on Team Effectiveness

  5. Dr. Mary Diolse Ramos:  Alzheimers & Dementia (Funding & Acknowledgement, she received support from the Rutgers Univ. Asian Resources Centers for Minority Aging Research Center under the NIH/NIA grant)

  6. Dr. Victor Vapor:  Emotional Intelligence 

  7. Aga Sta. Romana:   Resiliency 

  8. Dina Hussein:   Advocacy

It was a long stretch leadership seminar and workshop lasting 12 hours.  However, it was very informative, productive, and creatively fun with group participation. Excellent presentations   ……  group learning games, strategies in developing leadership skills, innovative ideas & solutions, collaboration, and engagement: The positivity of involving and recruiting new and actively engaging members to participate.

The PNAA Leaders uphold the Mantra of Everyone has a Right Opportunity to be Healthy.  Camp Aruga symbolizes collaboration in strengthening the unity between chapters and regions for effective communication, governance, enhancing the engagement of members (which is the main life source of an organization to exist and prosper).

Leadership seminars are vital for every leader and active members to acquire new knowledge, review methods to improve and accept new ways of thinking. 

The event host Orlando Chapter (Manny, Aga, Rosie & EB members) did a great hospitality service and coordination.  Filipino food was excellent from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the late night merienda. 

I enjoyed the experience and wishing more opportunities for other PNAGF active leaders and members to join in upcoming events. 

Maraming Salamat Po at Mabuhay tayong lahat.

Sincerely Yours,

Teresita Gallano Rivera













































Camp Aruga ….. Leadership Seminar & Workshop   January 17, 2023

Camp Aruga …. Group game and the winner …… January 17, 2023

Philippine Nurses Association of Gulf Coast Florida sponsored the 3rd Santo Nino Prayer Novena night 1/8/23


By: Cecile M. Santos- Medenilla

President, PNAGF 2022-2024

Tonight, PNAGF Executive Board proved once again that we can deliver and with flying colors! 


It was a successful 3rd day Sto,.Nino novena prayer night co- sponsored by PNAGF and Zephyrhills / Wesley Chapel organization.


There were apparently 438 people in attendance tonight at the church. And the social hall was packed! People had to sit outside the main social hall cause the room was filled up.


Our food was more than enough for the people that came. Our desserts were never ending! Everyone left with a big smile on their faces thanking us for serving dinner. There were some that took out pancit and chicken!


I would like to thank all of you who joined us tonight to celebrate the 3rd night of Sto. Nino novena prayer. Also those who donated money for this event , thank you!

Thank you for the food  and desserts donors .  I know not everybody can come but they still sent food donations for the event . We missed you but thank you!


For the rosary , novena prayer, readers and Don Bronto and the choir, thank you! Superb job!


Thank you Alma Asuncion, member of Advisory Council and Past President, for chairing the first PNAGF Community Outreach initiative for 2023.  Kudos to us!


And last but not the least , thank you to our EB’s husbands Manny, Carlos, Ding, Viven and families for your support to our cause.


Looking forward for more successful PNAGF activities/ events this year 2023.


With all your help, cooperation and commitment, we can , and we will do it ! Go PNAGF!


Mabuhay tayong lahat!


With sincere gratitude,

Cecile M. Santos- Medenilla

PNA Gulf Coast of Florida attended Pasko sa Nayon


By Cecile M. Santos- Medenilla

PNAGF President 2022-2024



PNAGF attended Pasko sa Nayon at the Philippine Enrichment Complex, a fund raising project of PNA Tampa Bay. It was an afternoon of fun, laughter, singing Christmas carols, eating sumptuous Filipino foods, delicacies and desserts .

There were door prizes and 50/50 fundraising too.


There was a game where the leader will sing a Christmas carol and people need to fill in the blanks. And the right answer will win a prize! It was a lot of fun and everybody participated and children were excited to win a prize.


Fifteen members of PNAGF including their families joined in the Christmas celebration. The music played and the guests started line dancing .

It was a relaxing Sunday  afternoon supporting our colleagues and friends from PNA Tampa Bay.

The Philippine Nurses Association of Gulf Coast Florida’s

           Induction Ceremony and Gals night 12/2/22


On 12/2/22, we were installed as PNAGF’s Executive Board by PNAA President Dr. Gloria L. Beriones assisted by PNAA Pres. Elect Dr. Marlon Saria.


The afternoon started at 4:00 pm when the members of the new EB came to help out set up the venue. Each one got ready to do their assigned task for the night.


Some were assigned in Registration, Certificates , Oath of office forms, Audio visuals, Decorations, wristlets for the PNAA guests, Dessert table, etc.


Then the guests came in their lovely outfits for the women and dashing suit for the men. Guests were welcomed by our usherettes and escorted them  to their corresponding seats. Our PNAA guests also came.

Hord’ouerves was serve in the beginning enjoyed by guests.


The emcees for the night were Alma Asunción, Meden Madrinan and Dr. William Cua.


The program started at 6:30 pm by the US National Anthem followed by the Philippines National Anthem by my niece, Merly’s daughter , Miss Marydin Santos- Llanto.


Meden Madrinan introduced the keynote speaker . Dr. Gloria Beriones . At first she recognized PNAGF’s  Padt Presidents and then she had all the nurses in the room stand up and be proud of our professions.


She  spoke about her mantra which was Our United  voice, we care which stands for wisdom , excellence-collaboration, advocacy, respect and equity .


The next speaker was to give an inspirational speech. And that was PNAA SCR VP Mr. Manny Ramos.

After his speech, dinner was served.


Our first entertainer was Marydin Llanto with a  beautiful rendition of “ Moon River .” followed by the video clips of PNAGF’s activities during the last 2 years by Merly S. Llanto.


Outgoing President, Janella Puyot had Marydin read her outgoing speech .


The reason why we’re here tonight , the Induction of officers .Dr. Gloria Beriones read the significance of taking an oath of office.  Then the newly elected officers were sworn in. The members of PNAA EB congratulated  PNAGF’s Executive Board.


We were surprised by one of our Board of Directors , Don Bronto when he showed up from the concert of a popular movie star, Gabby Conception. He happened to be a front act in the concert.


He sang 2 songs after the Induction Ceremony which made the guests happy and excited !


He serenaded the  President and the newly sworn in members of the EB with his rendition of the song “ Magandang Dilag”. followed by PNAA Shine song.


Acceptance Speech by President Cecile Santos- Medenilla started by acknowledging PNAA leaders. She also asked the members to be engaged and empowered and take the opportunity to help accomplish PNAGF’s missions and goals. Her mantra is simple. “ Get involved , make a difference!

She  thank the co- founders of PNAGF, her family, classmates in nursing school. She also acknowledged the presence of community leaders and PNA Tampa Bay. She thank the donors, sponsors and supporters for unending support to PNAGF.


Another song was rendered by my lovely niece Marydin singing a Tagalog song “Araw Gabi.”


Music played by DJ John. He led the guests dancing to the music.


The evening  ended with the dance number by PNAGF members to the music, “All I want for Christmas.”Raffle tickets were drawn before the evening ended. There were thee winners but 2 were given back to PNAGF’s treasury. Thank you Dr. Marlon Saria and Red Perea.


A truly remarkable night to remember!


 To our distinguished guests, Dr. Gloria Beriones, SCR VP Manny Ramos , PNAA Past President Pete Calixto , PNAA Secretary Theresa Damito and PN AA NCR  VP Manelita” Bong” Dayon, thank you, thank you for your support to PNAGF from the bottom of our hearts.


Maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat! Mabuhay ang PNAGF!



Cecile Santos- Medenilla

President, PNAGF 2022-2024

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