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2023 PNAGF Creative Nurses Awards

January Winner - Florida Gulf Coast Sunset, photo by Merly Santos-Llanto, BC, RN, CCRN

February Winner - Flamingoes under Angel's Trumpet Trees, photo by Maria Theresa Tulipat, BSN, RN

Re: Inaugural 2023 PNAGF Creative Nurses Awards


 The PNAGF Publicity Committee has launched the first PNAGF Creative Nurses Awards in 2023. 

We believe the value of Creative Expression in promoting the health and well-being of every individual.


The arts are integral facets of life and humanity. 

They incorporate our values, beliefs, experiences, culture, meanings, and feelings.

They are personal expressions of how we view the world across time and how we want the world to see us in return.


Every PNAGF member is encouraged to submit to the PNAGF Publicity Committee any work of art they themselves created:

  1. Visual arts including photography, painting, sculpting, drawing, ceramics

  2. Literary arts including poetry and 250 words double spaced prose.


You can submit as many art works as you want and one winner will be chosen EVERY MONTH by 5 judges selected by the Publicity Committee for objectivity and fairness. You can include a few sentences about the art work and why it is significant to you.

The winning work of art will be featured in the PNAGF website!


The theme or subject matter: 

  1. Nature – prefer but not exclusive to Florida

  2. People/ Animals

  3. Abstract/Still Life

  4. Relationships and experiences – prefer but not exclusive to Nursing


During the December PNAGF Holiday celebration, 1 winner will be chosen among the 12 monthly winners to receive the first 2023 PNAGF Creative Nurses Award and will receive a trophy and gift.


By your submission, you give permission at your own free will that PNAGF can post or publish your work in any social media including PNAGF website, in FACEBOOK, or in a calendar form and/or coffee table book for fundraising purposes.

Part of the FINAL judging will include the number of “likes” the art work receives in Facebook.


PNAGF Publicity Committee is excited and looks forward to receiving your art works every month!!!


Thank you,

PNAGF Publicity Committee

Merly Santos-Llanto-

Aura Casabar-


Merly poetry_IMG_0096.jpg


Orpha Poetry.jpg
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