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Chair:      Don Bronto

Member: Merly Llanto

Budget/Finance Committee

Chair:      Shiela Dela Vega

Member: Cora Timoteo

Bylaws Committee

Chair:      Janua Navarro
Member: Agnes Santos

Community Service Committee

Chair:       Alma Asuncion
Member:  Maria Theresa Tulipat

Education Committee

Chair:      Medina Madrinan

Member: Analisa Bailey            

Human Rights  Committee

Chair:       Betty Miranda


Membership Committee

Chair:         Aura Casabar
Co-Chair:  Agnes Santos
Member:    Minerva Sigler

NOMELEC Committee

Chair:       Janella Puyot


Policy and Procedure

Chair:         Teresita Rivera

Publicity Committee

Chair:      Merly Santos-Llanto

Member: Aura Casabar

                  Heidi Stein

Scholarship Committee

Chair:       Heidi Stein

Member:  Don Bronto

                  Beatriz Miranda

Ways and Means Committee

Chair:      Del Baker

Member: Minerva Sigler

                 Teresita Rivera

                 Merly Llanto

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All Categories
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