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Forget-Me-Not Flowers

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Forget Me Not Flower Meaning- The Essentials

Traditionally, Forget Me Not Flowers have carried a symbolic meaning of remembrance, true and eternal love, and devotion. To King Henry IV, the flower was a symbol of royalty and endurance because of its delicate blue color. He adopted it as his formal emblem in 1398. Today, the Forget Me Not is also the official State Flower of Alaska and the flower of Grandparent’s Day.

Common Forget Me Not Flower Colors and Their Associated Symbolism

Most Forget Me Nots are some shade of blue, but they are also available in white and pink varieties as well. Some of the flowers even start out pink or purple, developing into a light blue flower as they open.

The exact color of the flower affects its symbolism when used in a bouquet.

  • White: Youth, new beginnings, a fresh start, purity, innocence, strength, and guidance.

  • Pink: Femininity, optimism, joy, playfulness, eagerness, delicateness, gentleness, and faithful love.

  • Purple: Royalty, wealth, success, power, mystery, adventure, transitions, and travel.

  • Blue: Peace, healing, growth, development, intelligence, power, and communication.


Ultimate Guide To Forget Me Not Flower Meaning and Symbolism - Petal Republic

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