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Philippine Nurses Association of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc


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In a RUSH?  What's happening in 2 minutes ...

Have YOU Heard? PNAGF is off to a great start!

Hello! Great news from PNAGF! Here's what's been happening...

So far since the successful Induction Ceremony and Gala Night on Dec 2nd wherein PNAGF was acknowledged by the attendance of PNAA leadership, PNAGF has already participated in a few activities in order to be visible in the community and to fulfill our PNAGF mission.

1- PNAGF joined PNA Tampa in their Pasko sa Nayon last December. We aim to maintain a strong collaborative relationship with other PNAA chapters in the area.

2. PNAGF co-sponsored the 3rd Sto. Nino Prayer Novena Night last Jan 8th.  It was a great opportunity to serve the community in such a traditional and religious event. It was spearheaded by Past President Alma Asuncion, current Chair of Community Service Committee. We look forward to continuing this wonderful Philippine tradition!

3. PNAGF delegates attended the PNAA SCR sponsored Camp Aruga Leadership Retreat in Jan 16-18th. This 3-day event was attended by several noteworthy leaders of PNAA. According to PNAGF President-Elect Teresita Rivera, ”The topics discussed are valuable tools to pass forward the plans to support our organization and the Future of Nursing 2020-2030.” We are so proud of our current PNAGF leaders!

4. PNAGF website can now be accessed with your cellphones. We created a QR code that can direct anybody to the website. Send the Publicity Committee any news, articles, and pictures to share with the general membership.

5. Last March 18th, PNAGF celebrated its 24th Anniversary! A great MILESTONE, Dr Boardman headed a Team Building activity with all the attendees. It was a wonderful celebration!

6. This April, we continue the long tradition of manning the first aid booth during the PCFI PHILFEST. It was a wonderful opportunity to serve our community! To quote our Advisor Metty Miranda, " The First Aide Booth is only one of the things to show the Community that Nurses and Volunteers of PNAGF are devoted to Human Caring. You did great and God Bless all of you for your big "Heart". "

7. In May, in which we celebrate the Nurses Week, plans are underway by the Education Committee chaired by Past-President Meden Madrinan to hold an EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR that will discuss topics involving the promotion of not only our physical health but also our EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING! Mindfulness and stress management are important in promoting the quality of our lives. CE credits planned.

8. In May, we will also hold this year’s first General Membership meeting. We want to meet and hear from everyone so we can feel the camaraderie among the members. We will update you with the specifics as it gets closer.

9. Currently we have the ongoing 2023 Creative Nurses Awards monthly contest in which a final winner will be announced in December during our Christmas party. We hope to make a customized 2024 PNAGF Calendar with the winning art works. Let's CELEBRATE the talent of our nurses.   Scroll down to view the winning visual or literary arts.

That's 2 minutes!


Philippine Nurses Association of Gulf Coast Florida manned First Aid Booth at the PhilFest in Tampa, Florida 2023

By: Cecile M. Santos- Medenilla President, PNAGF 2022-2024

It’s that time of the year once again that PNAGF nurses participated in the biggest Philippine Festival in the East Coast this year 2023. We had 15 nurses volunteer to man the first aid booth during the 3 day event. So the first day Friday, March 31, 2023 at 5:00 PM till 11:00 PM. We set up the first aid booth by putting up the First Aid sign and our PNAGF banner and tarps to protect us from heat and rain.


here were 3 nurses on duty initially and one arrived later on. Our first patient was a 57 year old female, complaining of dizziness and lightheadedness. She did not eat the whole day before she came to the festival. She was eating a Filipino dessert called “halo halo” when she arrived. Pt stated she had a Stroke last February this year. We monitored her vital signs until they were stable. She claimed that she felt better and wanted to leave. So she was discharged with her cousins who were ICU nurses from the VA Hospital. Half an hour later, her cousin came back asking for a wheelchair. Apparently, our patient earlier was complaining of dizziness and a near syncopal episode. This time pt was non-verbal and her eyes were glassy and she started to drool. Blood pressure was 75/55, heart rate of 111. Placed in Trendelenberg position while sitting in the wheelchair. Vital signs continuously monitored by 2 nurses. Dr. Alvior from the Philippine Medical Society came to help us. Meanwhile, I called the Emergency Medical Service and requested an ambulance. EMS came after 8 minutes. Report was given to the paramedics. Pt blood pressure was 129/77 HR= 119, blood sugar= 144 when they left. Pt was transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa. Our second patient was a 74 year old female complaining of dizziness, lower abdominal pain and low blood pressure. This time we were able to get a lounge chair that we can use to monitor our patient. Our nurses monitored her vital signs while I called an ambulance once again. They arrived in a timely manner and took over the patient's care. Patient was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital families were given instructions by EMS.


Second day, April 1st, 2023 was a busy day in the first aid booth with 17 patients all day. Most of the patients complained of heat exhaustion, high blood pressure, headache and near syncope. Many asked for band aids for their minor cut. Another patient was involved in an altercation at the gate with one of the security officers. We cleaned and dressed his bilateral elbow lacerations. Our nurses overlapped so we had about 6 volunteer nurses at one time. Third day, April 2nd, 2023, Sunday was a break for our volunteers. We only have pts asking for band aids, sunscreen, and BP checks. It gave us a chance to join the street carnival parade or so- called “Yugyugan.” We were dressed in white with bunny rabbit’s head band since Easter Sunday is coming. We held the PNAGF banner and chanted PNA Gulf Coast while walking. Though we were under the sun, we had so much fun parading with other local and out of state organizations. It was indeed an eventful 3 days for PNAGF members and volunteers. Some of us have done this before but for the most, it was they’re first time experiencing it, and they said, they’ll do it again. We would like to thank all our officers and members for participating in the PhilFest events, especially the first aid booth, a community outreach initiative of PNAGF.

PNA Gulf Coast Florida celebrates 24th Anniversary

By Cecile M. Santos-Medenilla

President 2022-2024


It is with great pride that PNA Gulf Coast Florida reached its 24th year in March of 2023! We commemorated our 24th year with a get-together with our members in a picnic at  A. L. Anderson Park, Shelter 4 in Tarpon Springs, Florida. 

PNAGF was founded on March 27, 1999. It became the   23rd chapter of PNA of America. Our first induction was held August 19, 2000 at Heritage Pines Clubhouse with Merly Santos- Llanto as the founding President and our current Executive Director. 

We started with a Welcome Remarks by yours truly, followed by an Invocation by Teresita Rivera, our President-elect.


We invited a guest speaker, Dr. Thuy Boardman, a clinical psychologist. Her topic was “Leading with Authenticity and Agility,” and Team building activities. Everyone enjoyed her lecture and we had so much fun with the Team Building activity. Dr. Boardman expressed her desire to be able to help our members in their leadership role in their workplace and the community.

The members were asked to bring gifts for raffles and we also gave door prices. There were lots of sumptuous foods brought by our Executive Board and our members to share.

It was also a Membership Drive Day. We were able to recruit 3 new members and 2 renewed their membership.


Overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon to celebrate PNAGF’S 24th Anniversary! We would like to thank our Executive Board and Members for their support, commitment, and dedication to our organization. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

aruga 1.jpg

The Philippine Nurses Association of America SCR Camp Aruga Leadership Retreat January 16-18, 2023, ……  We Care ….  Camp Aruga  

By Teresita Gallano Rivera, PNAGF President Elect 2022-2024

On December 02, 2022.  Camp Aruga was announced, during the inspirational speeches by           Dr. Beriones and Manny Ramos at the PNAGF Induction Gala night. Some of us were interested, decided to attend, and see what it was all about.

The preparation and coordination via email was efficient and Rosie Antiquino was up to date to relay the messages and answer all the questions regarding reservation, facilities and allowing spouses to go and participate.   

Camp Aruga is a Leadership Boot Camp ….. with theme / emphasis to nurture self and environment.

PNAGF chapter attendees: Betty Miranda, Cecile & Manny Medenilla, Teresita & Nicolas.Rivera, Orpha Mineque & Napoleon Duey, and Edwin & Lisa Latras.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

It Is my great privilege and pleasure to welcome you to PNAGF's 11th Induction Ceremony and Gala night.

I would like to acknowledge the presence of our PNAA leaders headed by PNAA President Dr Gloria Beriones, PNAA President-elect Dr Marlon Saria, SCR Vice-{resident Mr Manny Ramos. PNAA Past President Mr Pete Calixto, PNAA Secretary Tess Damito, and PNAA NCR Vice-President Manelita(Bong) Dayon. Thank you for being here and for your support.

I am deeply honored, humbled , and incredibly excited to be standing here before you tonight as the new leader of the Philippine Nurses Association of Gulf Coast Florida. PNAGF has encountered challenges, disappointments, trials and tribulations mainly because of the pandemic.

Cecile Santos-Medenilla

PNAGF Presidents's Message

Cecile Santos- Medenilla, BSN, RN, TNCC
PNAGF President 2022-2024



May 13, 2023

General Membership

a Yes PNAGF.jpg

            SUBMIT                your Visual or Literary art works!

January winner- Merly Llanto

February winner-Maria Theresa Tulipat

March winner- Ma. Janua Coeli Navarro

April winner  -  Orpha Ale Mineque

May winner  -  Agnes Santos

June winner  -  Janella  Puyot

July winner  -  Jenny Lyn Scott

August winner  -  

Endless Positive Cuteness by the Beach in Carolinas

Endless Positive Cuteness by the Beach at the Carolinas 

Scroll below for larger photo


Education Seminar
Health & Wellness 2023


 01/14/23 - done
03/11/23-  done
07/08 23
and PRN


EB Meetings Every Second Saturday of Every Other Month


The Philippine Nurses Association of Gulf Coast Florida’s  Induction Ceremony and Gala night 12/2/22


On 12/2/22, we were installed as PNAGF’s Executive Board by PNAA President Dr. Gloria L. Beriones assisted by PNAA Pres. Elect Dr. Marlon Saria.

The afternoon started at 4:00 pm when the members of the new EB came to help out set up the venue. Each one got ready to do their assigned task for the night.

PNAGF oathtaking Dec 2, 2022


Upcoming Events


Nurses Week        May 6-12

2023 PNAA Convention

PNAGF  Events/Highlights 

PNAGF at Philfest  2023             
           April 2023

PNAGF at CAMP ARUGA                          Jan 2023

PNAGF 11th Induction of Officers Dec 2022


PNAGF Creative Nurses Awardee   of the Month

Florida Gulf Coast Sunset, Photo by Merly Santos- Llanto, BC, RN, CCRN

Flamingoes under the Angel's Trumpet Trees, Photo by Maria Theresa  Tulipat, BSN, RN

A Squirrel Stops to Enjoy the View, Photo by Ma. Janua Coeli Navarro, BSN, RN, CCRN

Sea of Clouds, Photo by Orpha Ale Mineque, BSN, RN, CCRN

A Bunny hops at the Garden, Photo by Agnes Santos, BSN, RN, CCRN

Afternoon Walk by the Bay, Photo by Janella Puyot, BSN, RN, CCRN

Endless Positive Cuteness by the Beach at the Carolinas by Jenny Lyn Scott, BSN, RN

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